Our integrated pest management program is a method of pest control that uses fewer pesticides than more traditional measures. In the integrated program, we attack the active infestation, seek out the source of the pests and thoroughly treat those areas. We also provide protective services to prevent future invasions with this program to Residential and Commercials.

Our Pest Control Services Include:Flush Treatment, Bedbug, Bees, Roaches, Fleas & Ticks, Rat & Rodents

Commercial Control

Commercial Services Offered:


• Hotels 
• Resorts  
• Condominiums 
• Hospitals 
• Clinics 
• Schools/Universities 
• Warehouses 
• Supermarkets 
• Gas Stations

• Restaurants 
• Commercial Buildings 
• Boats/Ships 
• Aircraft 
• Food Processing Centers 
• Government Buildings,  
• Pharmaceutical Locations 
• Retail Stores

Residential Control

We offer several residential pest control programs to fit every situation and budget.



Household Ants, Cockroaches, Silverfish, Earwigs, Centipedes, Crickets, Millipedes, Scorpions, Springtails, Sow bugs, Common house spiders

Fleas, Ticks, Flies, Mice, Rats, Bed Bugs, Crickets, Scorpions, Black widow Spider, Brown Recluse Spiders, bees and wasps